Peter Seth



Larry Ingber

The “Ivy League Killer” out of prison after forty years, looking to rebuild his life, find the money that his lawyer stole, and perhaps find some kind of redemption.

Betsy Hull

the good woman who tries to save Larry and find herself

Jonathan Klein

“The Redheaded Doggie” from Camp Mooncliff, saved from drowning by Larry forty years ago, who comes back into Larry’s life

Derek Ellison

Larry’s young friend who betrays him … and then becomes something more than a friend 

Roland Elias

Betsy’s landlord and owner of the antique store on City Island that becomes the center of Larry’s new life.

Lester Mantell

Larry’s “excellent new lawyer” – now missing with Larry’s legacy money

Kelly Mott

in charge of Clemency USA’s Gateway Program, Larry’s guide back into his new life

Kenneth Fusco

Larry’s parole officer and nemesis

Janice Ko

Klein’s brainy traveling assistant and a key friend to Larry

Brian Halliwell

Jonathan Klein’s protective right-hand man, “Mr. Pinstripe”

Myles Pritchard

Klein’s muscle in the Bahamas

Diana Pritchard

Myles’ inquisitive daughter

Ed Nyquist

Clemency USA’s head of legal affairs, in charge of the pursuit of Mantell

Sammy Zambrano

A fellow ex-con in the same halfway house as Larry who tries to entice him into a life of crime and easy money

Bob Jensen

Roland’s pompous financial and legal advisor


Roland’s ultra-practical visiting nurse

Gassim Khalidi

owner of the restaurant on City Island where Larry, Betsy, and Roland hang out

Charlie Wagner

owner of the restaurant Larry goes to work in

Ed Dempsey

a rival antique store owner in City Island

Freddie Pooch

an old, old friend of Larry’s 

Charles Ellison

Derek’s distant father

Catherine Ellison

Derek’s doting mother

Rosemary Dandridge

Larry’s supervisor and mentor at Clemency USA 

Linda Pirroux

Clemency USA’s head of public relations and media

Mike Rathbun and Gil Cuellar

the investigators from the Westchester DA’s office

Maria from Human Resources

a very young woman

Miranda Jakes

the TV journalist who gets a rare interview with the “Ivy League Killer”

Mark, the Cameraman

Miranda’s crew

Nate Edwards

supervisor of the Four Winds, the halfway house where Larry lives upon his release from prison

Javier Flores

Larry’s friend at work and commuting partner

Dae Park

a co-worker at Clemency

June Hackett

a big, big-hearted woman and minister


maker of the best shaved ice on the planet

Bob Marley T-shirt and Green Headband

two tough street kids 

The Doggies

Harry Dornfeld, Matthew Gold, Artie Sanoff, Steve Dembicer

And kitchen workers at Charlie Wagner’s …