Peter Seth

When I

Got Out

A Novel by Peter Seth

When I Got Out is a great read: the perfect sequel to What It Was Like.
— Stan Chervin, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter

Larry Ingber fell deeply in love once . . . and it cost him forty years of his life. Branded "The Ivy League Killer" by the media that followed his sensational story of obsession and its consequences, Larry has at last been freed from prison and tossed into a world he barely understands. At one point, his life was brimming with promise. Now, he can hardly survive. And when Larry discovers that his lawyer has stolen the money his late parents had set aside for him, he comes very close to going off the rails. But the world is a more mysterious place than Larry can imagine, and it has surprises in store for him that will put him in grave danger, reunite him with his past, expose him to unscrupulousness, and teach him what it is truly like to have someone who cares about you.

Filled with tension, nuance, and revelation, WHEN I GOT OUT is a remarkable story about what happens when the world you left behind and the world you never knew collide.

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Adult Romantic Suspense Novel

If you want a book that will keep you up late at night with page-turning suspense, heart-breaking romance, and personal mysteries, you’ve come to the right place. Peter Seth’s book, “When I Got Out,” is the perfect novel for you. If you love a good adult romantic thriller novel, buy your own copy today.

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Rarely are second books as good as the first, but Peter Seth pulls that miracle off with “When I Got Out.” If you loved “What It Was Like,” you’ll enjoy this story even more. What’s more, you don’t have to read “What It Was Like” to fully enjoy “When I Got Out” because it stands alone. So whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to Peter Seth’s work, this novel is for you.

Laurence Allan Ingber fell deeply in love as a teenager, and it cost him four decades of his life. Now, in “When I Got Out,” the man known as the infamous “Ivy League Killer” is finally out of prison, and you get to follow him as he adjusts to life in the real world. As he tries to seize his second chance, he is betrayed by his lawyer and, with nerves of steel, sets out to take his revenge, only to find his life in danger once again.

“When I Got Out” is a remarkable story about what happens when the world you left behind and the world you never knew collide.

“When I Got Out” was released on September 17, 2019, so if you want an adult romantic suspense novel that will keep you hooked, buy your own copy today on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.  


"When I Got Out is a great read: the perfect sequel to What It Was Like. Laurence Allan Ingber, a teenager when he entered prison for a double homicide, is finally out after 40 years - older, wiser in the ways of surviving prison, but totally clueless about living in today's world. His Rip Van Winkle-like perspective provides rich, eye-opening insight on how much has changed - as well as on those things that never will. Larry's simple desire for a quiet life of anonymity is thwarted by his parole officer determined to lock him up again, the dark shadow of his notorious past, and a crooked lawyer who stole his inheritance he needs to survive. I followed Larry's increasingly desperate - and dangerous efforts - to get what's rightfully his with mounting anxiety as it forced him to risk his freedom, his life, and even his new-found love, the one person who gives Larry's life as a free man any value or meaning."

– Stan Chervin, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter

When I Got Out is an intriguing gem that offers a unique turn on narrative voice and unsettling personal discovery. Peter Seth writes with calm authority, masterful unpredictably, and carefully crafted internal reflection. Delving into this exploration of then and now — where forty lost years have changed all the rules of engagement — is to be swept into a tale of moral reflection, irony, betrayal, and impossible choices.

– Ken Goldstein, bestselling author of This Is Rage and From Nothing