While I'm racing to finish WHEN I GOT OUT and get this long-promised ms. to my publisher Lou Aronica of The Story Plant, I want to take this blog to celebrate the work of my friend, the sculptor MARSHA PELS.

Marsha is a renowned sculptor whose work has been shown in galleries, museums, and collections all over the world, from New York to Dublin to Australia. She was awarded the Prix de Rome for Sculpture from the American Academy in Rome and a Fulbright to Germany to work on a site-specific Holocaust Memorial. Many years ago, I was lucky enough to I get Marsha to make two site-specific works for our house: a sculpture that wraps around a back corner of our house, mounted to the wall, and a trellis (actually, two trellises) for a planter on the outside of our guest house.

Both these works are of an organic, natural design, are made of bronze, using the ancient lost-wax process, and are very beautiful. Marsha's installations are valued throughout the world, and we have two.

The "tree" that wraps around the corner of my house casts the most interesting shadows on the stucco at sunset. And the trellises against the guest house explode with roses (white and red) twice a year to complement Marsha's bronze roses. I love how Marsha's works have merged with nature, changing with the seasons and the light.

I'm very fortunate that I get to live with this beautiful art and that I have a friend who is so wonderfully gifted. Marsha has been my friend since high school. She mentored my son, the sculptor, and has always set a high bar for artistic dedication and accomplishment.

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