The more I absorb the news – which I do obsessively (three newspapers, too many websites, and frequent doses of MSNBC/Fox/CNN until the TG tells me to turn it off) – the more I go back to basics.

"To have doubted one's own first principles is the mark of a civilized man." – Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Between truth and the search for truth, I opt for the second." – Bernard Berenson

"Wealth is the relentless enemy of understanding." -- John Kenneth Galbraith

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." – Paul Valery

"Having just the vision's no solution / Everything depends on execution." – Stephen Sondheim

"Tell all the Truth but tell it slant -- " – Emily Dickinson

There is a hidden narrative in there.

When I'm struggling to write well – which is what I'm doing for most of the time I'm not blogging – I grasp for the clarity of aphorism.


Some YouTube Sondheim distraction for you – from one of our language's master craftsmen

"Putting It Together" from SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE – with Mandy Patinkin -- the above lyric is at 3:30

"Move On" from SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE – with Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters

"Send In the Clowns" from the BBC Proms 2010 – with Judi Dench – very lovely

"In Buddy's Eyes" from FOLLLIES in concert – with Barbara Cook – a documentary short with the song starting at 3:30



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Christian Correa